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The Movie Unfinished Business Gives Unfinished Laughs

You ever notice Vince Vaughn is usually down on his luck in the movies.  He’s never like, “I’m good I’ll just be over here chillin’ with my safe full of cash.”  No his life is more like the worst country song times ten.

This trend continues in Unfinished Business.  Vaughn and his business partners are put in a winner take all scenario in Germany.  Which is perfect because I don’t think Vaughn would work well in a place like Utah.  Hard to entertain if your only option is bowling and all you can drink soda.

There are a couple of funny scenes in the movie.  The only problem is, to get there you have to sit through a thirty minutes of story.

But, the best part in the movie is when Vaughn and Franco are in a bathroom talking to guys using a glory hole.  If you are curious what a glory hole is then you probably don’t like your computer.  Even Google is like, “Did you mean to download all the viruses on the internet?”


But what makes this scene awesome is how they make it uncomfortable.  Vaughn is surrounded by a whole bunch of dudes and Franco says hello by giving a handshake to a guys junk.  It was funny at the time, but now it just sounds really gross.  You may not want to bring out that story at Sunday dinner.

Fortunately the movie has a couple Vince Vaughn motivational speeches.  He has this special ability to make you say, “Vaughn makes no sense but I totally agree.  Where can I send him all my cash.”

The final verdict on the movie is the story was a little slow and there could have been more laughs.