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The Get Hard Movie Pushes Stereotypes with Wang Jokes

Get Hard is a movie about Will Ferrell going to prison for embezzlement.  And he’s about as hard as a wet marshmallow.  He’s not ready for a night in jail.  He’s not ready for a night in the Ramada.

Now the biggest hurdle to seeing this movie is saying, “One for Get Hard.”  Pretty much impossible to not make it sound like you’re some kind of pervert.


But they do push the stereotypes.  So you find yourself laughing and then quickly looking around for validation it’s okay.  Some scenes push the envelope so much you may think, I’d be more comfortable if this movie was a porn.  Where’s the fast forward.

In this movie, Kevin Hart trains Ferrell to survive prison.  He must have looked at the script and been like, “So you’re telling me you’ll pay me a lot of money to hit Will Ferrell in the face with pepper spray.  Just curious, how much will you pay me to give him the chair.”


Harts jail training consists of getting Ferrell ready to fight.  And then when that fails Hart tells Ferrell, “We jut need to make you good at handing a dude’s wang.”  Yeah this is when it’s really uncomfortable to be in a theater with thirty strangers.

But eventually Ferrell learns Hart has not been to prison.  And so there is a fallout between them that lasts all of five minutes.  Next thing you know both of them are working together going, “Hey, now that we wasted twenty nine days of training why don’t we figure out who framed you.  We have a whole twenty four hours left.”

It’s nice to see Hart in this role.  As for Will Ferrell he plays the super trusting white guy, basically reprising his role as buddy the elf, minus the cool green hat.

Straight dope:  Go see this movie if you like stereotypes and jokes about dude sausage.