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Masterminds Shows Us That A Fool And His Money Is Parted In About Three Months

zach galifianakis, owen wilson, kristen wiig and jason sudeikis from the movie masterminds. Owen wilson is wearing an american red white and blue jacket, he is sucking on a lolly pop. Zach galifianakis is is a pink shirt with purple pants and has a bob hairstyle with bangs. Kristen Wiig has her arm on Galifianakis and a hand on her hip looking seductively to the camer. She has a pager on her skirt. Jason Sudeikis is grabbing the side of his glasses bringing them down. He has a mustache. He is is a peach shirt unbuttoned to expose a white undershirt. Behind them is a cloud in a blue sky with the word masterminds written in red

In Masterminds Zach Galifianakis is a part time armored car driver and a full time idiot. Now he is set to marry Kate McKinnon until he realizes that chick is 50 shades of weird.  Also he realizes he is truly in lust with trailer park princess Kristen Wiig.

zach galifianakis and kate mckinnon from the movie masterminds. Kate mckinnon is in a white wedding dress sitting at a picnic table holding zachs hand. There is a candeabra lit in front of them. Zach is wearing the phantom of the opera mask and cape. He is also wearking jeans shorts and has one leg up on the seat of the table. He has a cold chain. Written meme: nothing says wedding memories like phantom of the trailer park

And once Owen Wilson hears Galifiankis is sweet on Kristen he sees a hillbilly opportunity.  That’s when Wilson convinces Kristen to seduce Galifianakis into stealing 17 million dollars from his job.  The plan is for Galifianakis to take the money and then take a one way trip to Mexico with the most ridiculous disguise possible.

zach galifianakis from the movie masterminds with a blond long hair wig, cat eye contacts, a beard, gold chain and a white muscle shirt. Written meme: apparently in Mexico this look isn't even scrathcing the surface of weird

But the messed up part is, once the job is done, Wilson keeps the 17 million and Galifianakis gets $20,000 and a bad case of Montezuma’s revenge.  And while Galifianakis chills down in Mexico, Wilson repeatedly convinces Kristen she is doing the right thing.  Meanwhile Wilson takes the 17 million and buys a mansion, a BMW and the hillbilly equivalent of “we know we finally made it” a golden framed portrait of velvet Elvis.

But eventually, Galifianakis runs low on money.  He then finds out Wilson is behind the whole heist and Kristen is not going to be meeting him south of the border.  And to make things even worse, Wilson sends Jason Sudeikis down to Mexico to make Galifianakis really dead.

jason sudeikis from masterminds. He is wearing a striped shirt and glasses. He his rasing his hand in a hi gesture. Written meme: Hi. Just so you know, I'll be your killer for the evening

And Sudeikis is looking forward to the killing until he learns that Galifianakis has the same exact name and birth date.  Then he’s like, “This is crazy.  I can’t kill a brother, so why don’t we just hang and forget the whole murder thing.”  Which made me go, “Good thing this is a comedy, because that makes absolutely no sense.”

Next Galifianakis tries to get money from Wilson, but then learns that Kristen is being held hostage.  So he goes back to the good ole USA and crashes Wilson’s ghetto housewarming party.  Then Galifianakis rescues Kristen, steals a BMW and then promptly wrecks it into the front gate.  That’s when Wilson comes up and admits he was the mastermind of everything in front of a secret FBI van.  Which is very convenient because at this point I think they ran out of story.

ADD Movie review: This movie is funny in parts.  And you’ll love it if you have ever dreamed of seeing what would happen if somebody dumber than Ricky Bobby robbed a bank.

gas guage for comicpopcorn. Gray with white numbers and a red needle. the red needle is pointing to 1/4 full. Written next to the gas guage is how full the theater was on opening day
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Ghostbusters Has Ladies, Ghosts And More Slime Than A Nickelodeon Award Show

ghostbusters poster with liam hemsworth standing in a sweatervest, tie and glasses. Kate Mckinnon has yellow sunglasses with poofed up blonde hair. She has a proton pack wepon on her shoulders, Melissa Mccarthy is in the center of the picture wearing glasses, she has a proton punch weapon in the left hand, she is wearing a grey suit with white and orange stripes and black boots, Kristen Wiig is standing there with a grey suit with orange and white stripes, Leslie Jones has a protan pack on and a look of what's up in her face, the car ecto 1 is in the background with the lights on. The ghost in the no symbol is in the background.

Ghostbusters starts out with Kristen Wiig meeting a ghost and then getting a boatload of ectoplasm to the face.  Once this happens she turns to Melissa McCarthy and goes, “We’re not crazy, ghosts are real.  And by the way my whole body is filled with ghost puke.”

The problem is when she goes to work the next day, the dean of her college is like, “I saw your little video online and congrats, you just lost your job you weird ghost lady.”  Fortunately McCarthy and Kate McKinnon invite Wiig to join their paranormal team at a college that’s ranked just above DeVry.

Kate Mckinnon from ghostbusters in a lab with yellow goggles strapped to her forehead. She has a drink straw in her mouth and is holding a drink. She is winking and wearing a red jacket. Written meme looks like you want to join our little band of weirdos

But when Steve Higgins the dean of the college hears they want to hire Wiig he’s like, “To be real, I didn’t even know your department existed.  So, thanks for letting me know.  You’re all fired and just so we’re clear here’s the bird.”

That’s when all of the girls leave and take every piece of equipment not nailed to the ground.  But now the only space they can afford is a ghetto office right above a Chinese restaurant.  And the only receptionist they can afford is Chris Hemsworth who has the muscles of Thor and the intellect of a rock.

Now everything gets exciting when Leslie Jones sees a casper in the subway and is like, “That’s a ghost, and I don’t get paid enough for this.  So why don’t I join those lady ghost hunters and see if I can work for free.”

leslie jones from ghostbusters standing in a hotel with smoke and a green light. She is standing with her arms crossed. She has a proton pack on with a gun in her hand. She is in a ghostbusters suit that is tan with orange and white stripes. Written meme don't hate me because I'm beautiful and I come with my own hearse

In short order, the girls get busier and busier because a tool named Neil Casey is charging up spots around the city to release apparitions and just be an overall creepy dude.  Eventually the ghost sightings lead to Casey in a basement trying to set up a vortex to release an eff load of ghosts.  Fortunately the ladies are able to stop him but not before he kills himself.  And the reason Casey does this is just so he can become a ghost to possess McCarthy and be even more weird.

Casey takes over McCarthy until Jones is like, “I’m gonna slap the ghost right out of you.”  But that’s when Casey moves to Hemsworth who is able to open the vortex with a little muscle power and a whole lot of good looks.

Then it’s a giant ghost party where the ladies get to kill a float sized Stay Puft marshmallow man, a giant size ghost from the ghostbuster logo and anything else that moves.  Fortunately, the ladies figure out to put all the ghosts back into the vortex all they need to do is set off a nuclear bomb.  That’s when they trick Slimer into driving ecto-1 into the vortex and then light him up like it’s Christmas day.

ADD Movie Review:  The first movie is a classic, but the ladies do pull their weight in this flick.  There’s action, comedy and a whole bunch of killing ghosts who are already dead.

Gas guage dark grey with light grey background. The needle is red pointing to the number 1/2. Written next the gas gauge is how full the theater was on opening day. Comic Popcorn Theater Gas Gauge

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