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Ride Along 2 Is The Best Way To Enjoy Ride Along 1 All Over Again

The Ride Along 2 is “The Force Awakens” of comedy.  You’ve seen the plot before, but you just don’t care.  Once again, Ice Cube plays the cop with the permanent WTF face.  And Kevin Hart plays the winey little biatch.  Now Hart’s role is believable.  But Cube playing a cop?  That just makes you go, “Didn’t he get famous for rapping ‘F*** The Police’?”


The big change in The Ride Along 2 is, it’s set it in Miami.  And you know this because they show a whole bunch of water and boobies.

Cube and Hart go to Miami to capture a criminal computer hacker played by Ken Jeong.  The problem is when Jeong sees the guys he runs away like a little girl.  So Hart runs after him through backyards, jumps on a trampoline, and then ends up face first in a chicken coop.  And when Hart comes out of the coop Cube looks at him like, “Man you just got beat worse than Ronda Rousey.”

Eventually Hart and Cube capture Jeong.  But they lose him later in a night club.  Once this happens, Cube and Hart come outside of the club and see Cube’s car blow up like it’s in a bad Pitbull video.  That’s when officer Olivia Munn comes to the scene dressed up in her best bra top.  Yeah, the producers must have been like, “You’re a respected officer of the law, so show plenty of chest.”


So of coarse Cube decides to work with Munn because now he respects her mind.  And once again the boys track down Jeong.  This time they learn Jeong worked for the bad guy Benjamin Bratt and stole a boatload of his cash.  So much cash that Bratt’s henchmen want Jeong to be really dead.  This leads to a car chase where Hart imagines he’s driving in Grand Theft Auto.  Points go up on the screen.  Cars turn into pixels.  And Cube turns into a computerized version of the same a-hole cop.

All of these chases lead to the final showdown with Bratt.  In the end Bratt dies and Hart saves Cube by taking two bullets to the chest.  The funny part is once Cube learns Hart has a bullet proof vest on, Cube uses him as a human shield.  Way to go brother in law.

The Straight Dope:  You’ve got to see this movie for the GTA, telephone and pizza scenes.  This is not an Oscar contender, but then again I don’t think they care.

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