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Meet The Blacks Has The Thrills Of The Purge Mixed With The Comedy Stylings Of Booty Call

In Meet The Blacks Mike Epps takes a drug dealer’s money and goes, “Yep, time to buy that mansion in Beverly Hills.  Family we’re moving to a place where they don’t purge because they’re just too busy counting their cash and getting botox.”

But even in Beverly Hills Epps runs into an African guy outside his front door who wants to purge him because Epps wired his restaurant like crap. And Epps is like, “Dude you need to find somewhere else to point that ebola finger.”

Once Epps gets past the African dude, he sees George Lopez on the TV warning everyone about the purge as president El Bama.  Lopez is like, “No one is safe, not even you Jay Leno.  You better pick a fast car MFer.”


Epps finally accepts the purge is on when his daughter’s boyfriend says hello by making him dance with a bullet.  But the boyfriend is bad at shooting and just ends up falling off of a balcony to become a human pancake.  Then Epps is like, “Ok, maybe it’s time for that panic room.”

Next the president of the home owners association Gary Owen shows up to the front door to purge Epps and his family.  Apparently Owen is upset that Epps doesn’t really have a credit score of 14,000.  And to pay back Epps, Owen has sent an invitation to every thug in Chicago.

The first person Epps runs into is Keyflo the drug dealer played by Juilliard great Charlie Murphy.  Murphy is like, “It’s one thing to take my money, but it’s another majorly effed up thing to walk off with my space heater.  I think I’m going to have to add some new colors to my jacket like brown and red.”  And all Epps can say is, “Whoever gave you that jacket is not your friend.”  Then Epps charges Murphy and gives him a clothes hook to the head.

After that adventure Epps walks into another room to find a demented Mike Tyson with hair taped to the side of his head looking like bozo the clown.


Tyson gets up close to Epps and lisps, “You never paid for your son’s platinum party package.”  And then Epps is like, “Man your breath smells like adult toys.”  That’s when Tyson gives him a beating until Epps cousin Cronut takes out a drill and gives Tyson’s dome a few vents for air conditioning.

But in the end Epps and his family survive.  They leave Beverly Hills and buy a nice cabin in the woods right next to a white dude who likes to carry a knife and dress up in a hockey mask.

The Straight Dope:  This movie has the same laughs and feel of that comedy classic Booty Call.  The non-stop cameos will make you laugh, especially the all star performance by Tyson the Clown.


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