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Nerve Is The Classic Story Of Guy Meets Girl While Playing A Mobile Game Whose Best Outcome Is Not Dying

Dave franco and Emma Roberts from the movie Nerve. Dave franco is sitting on a motorcycle that it lit up with a blue underlight. Dave franco is sitting on the bike and has a leather jacket on with a motorcycle helmet in his hands. emma roberts is standing in front of the bike and is wearing jeans and a staten island jacket. Over both of them is the word nerve written in pink like a neon sign

The movie opens with Emma Roberts hiding behind a camera going, “I’m only doing this now so you can get blown away later when you find out I’m actually hot.”  But until that magic moment, Roberts plays second fiddle to her friend Emily Meade who plays a first rate witch.

Meade lives up to her reputation when she joins a mobile game called Nerve and tells Roberts, “This game is all dares little girl.  I’m a player.  And you are a watcher because you don’t have balls like me.”

And to push Roberts even more, Meade dares Roberts to talk to her boy crush Brian ‘Sene’ Marc.  But when Roberts doesn’t want talk to him, Meade goes right over to Marc and says,  “What do you think about getting with my girl?”  And he utters, “So sorry, I’m not into girls that look like a part time model.”

That’s when Roberts runs home embarrassed, turns on the computer and says, “Alright Kardashian wannabe bitch, time to select player and make a series of horrible decisions.”  And moments later Roberts gets a dare to kiss a stranger in a diner who just happens to be Dave Franco reading a book.  Which is funny, because in the real world he would probably be using the book to make the table not wobble.

Once Roberts kisses Franco, they get a dare to go to the city.   And that’s when Franco says, “I guess the watchers want to see just how dumb we will get.”

 from the movie nerve, dave franco is sitting on a motorcycle with blue underlights. Franco is in a leather jacket and jeans. Emma Roberts is sitting on the back of the bike in jeans and a staten island jacket. Emma roberts is listening to Dave franco talk. Written meme: how do you like riding on my ghetto tron bike?

Once they are in the city they get another dare to try on super expensive old people clothes.  But as they do this, another player steals their original clothes.  So get out of the store Roberts says to Franco, “This is a perfect time to strip down to our underwear and show everyone we just didn’t want to commit to the R rating.”

nerve movie with dave franco and emma roberts. Dave franco is standing next to emma roberts in an elevator. Franco has his hands over his junk. He is half naked. Franco is looking slyly at emma roberts. Emma roberts is in a white bra. She is covering her chest and looking at dave franco. Written meme: yelp, this is up ther with one of the stupidest ideas ever

Fortunately they get outside and learn the watchers have paid for the fancy old person clothes.  So they get dressed and then accept a dare to have Franco drive his motorcycle 60 mph through the city completely blindfolded.  Once they complete this dare Franco is like, “The most exciting thing about that was we didn’t die.”

Then after a few more dares, Franco admits that he and Machine Gun Kelly are trapped in the game and have to win in the finals to get out.  This leads to a final showdown where Roberts pretends to get killed by Machine Gun Kelly in a colosseum that looks like it got attacked by neon lights.  But the big twist in the end is that Roberts fakes her death while her hacker friends make all of the watchers accessories to murder.  Which prompts everyone to go, “I like the game, but I really don’t like the slammer.  I’m logging the eff off.”

ADD Movie Review:  The dares in Nerve are so exciting, that you don’t even really care about sailing right over every plot hole.


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