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Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates Is The Summer Dude/Bro Comedy For Morons

Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron, Adam DeVine and Aubrey Plaza in the poster for mike and dave need wedding dates. All four of them are laying on the grass. Anna Kendrick is in a pink dress holding red lip stick, Zac Efron is asleep with his shirt open. There is a drawing of a tuxedo, mustache, monocle, watch and dragon on his chest in red lip stick, Adam devine is asleep with a bikini top, rabbit, flower and mustache draw on him in red lipstick. Aubrey Plaza is looking directly at the camera in a pink dress holding red lipstick

In Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Adam DeVine and Zac Efron act like complete buffoons.  They play two brothers who have the talent of looking nothing like each other and completely ruining every event.

In this movie DeVine and Efron need dates for their sister’s wedding.  So to find some quality girls they decide to make an ad on craigslist.  This gem of a strategy gets them giggly girls, lesbians and a dude in drag.

mike and dave need wedding dates with adam devine in a blue muscle shirt and Zac Efron in a muscle shirt. Adam Devine is talking and Zac Efron has his arm on Devine's shoulder. Written meme not gonna lie, I didn't expect that craigslist ad to give us a dude dressed up in drag

But things get really exciting when their ad goes viral and they get a guest spot on that well know dating show Wendy Williams.  That’s when Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza see the guys for the first time and go, “They’re going to take us to Hawaii and all we need to do is look respectable as f-ck.”

So the ladies get dressed up and then Plaza gets DeVine’s attention by intentionally getting hit by a car.  Then DeVine “saves her life” by giving her some super sketchy CPR.  Next they all go to a bar where Plaza and Kendrick straight up lie to hitch that ride to Hawaii.  But once the couples get to Hawaii, Plaza seductively whispers to DeVine, “You know what’s sexy, letting me and my girl stay in a room by ourselves.”

Later on things get even hotter when Plaza gets hit on by Alice Wetterlund who plays a lesbian casanova named cousin Terry. DeVine does not like Wetterlund hitting on his girl, but he realizes he can’t compete when Wetterlund is like, “I’m gonna get your girl cause you dress like the wall paper in a Long John Silvers bathroom.”

mike and dave need wedding dates with adam devine in a blue hawaiian shirt and hawaiian pants combo with anchors, trees and boats on the shirt and pants. He is walking confidently with aubrey plaza on his right arm. She is wearing a pink dress. Written meme this look screams an ohio player lands in Hawaii

Next, to spice things up, Kendrick convinces everyone to skip dolphin watching to go on an ATV tour.  During the tour Kendrick takes a jump and makes it.  Plaza takes the same jump and makes it with a crazy trick.  Then DeVine takes the same jump and lands the ATV right on his sister’s head.  This accident prompts Devine to say, “Wow, now you look like burn victim Barbie.”

Not a day later, DeVine and Efron mess up things even more.  At the rehearsal dinner, the guys don’t realize their mics are live and they have an argument about how the bride got a pre wedding massage that gave her prenuptial orgasm.  This has the effect of killing the whole wedding.  But fortunately the next day DeVine, Efron, Kendrick and Plaza realize, “You know maybe we’re just all self absorbed douchebags.”  So they do their best to make the wedding happen again.  And everything is going well until they blow up the wedding with a bunch of illegal Chinese fireworks.

ADD Movie Review:  This movie has some funny parts.  DeVine and Plaza have great comic timing but cousin Terry steals the show.  I mean, how can you not love a player lesbian who dresses like an extra in Miami Vice.

a gas guage like you would see on a car with a grey background and a red needle pointing to 1/4 full. written to the side of the gauge that says how full the theater was on opening day. Comic Popcorn guage

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