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The Purge: Election Year Is Scary Because It Reminds Us Of Our Current Political Choices

The purge election year poster with a guy wearing a creepy uncle sam mask. He is in an american suit with red and white stripped pants, a blue jacket with red and white collar. He has a semi automatic gun painted with the american flag. He is looking directly at us. Written the purge election year keep america great

The Purge: Election Year starts out with way too much talking.  Even though this movie is called the purge, there’s a whole half hour where the only thing that dies is your interest.  Sure it’s important to know Elizabeth Mitchell is running for president to take down the purge and Mykeleti Williamson is a father figure who likes to protect his deli.  But let’s be honest, when you pay to see the purge you don’t want to see an after school special.

Fortunately things pick up once the purge starts and they let all of the animals out of their cage.  That’s when a group of bad girls led by Brittany Mirabile show up to Williamson’s Deli in light up cars blasting “Party In the USA.”  What’s even more impressive is the girls are wearing lingerie and have bedazzled guns.  

the purge election year movie with brittany mirabile with a blood stained wedding dress, blood spatter on her skin. She is wearing a white mass that says kiss me. She has a bedazzled gun propped against her shoulder. Written meme Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned who owns a bedazzled gun

Once they get out of the car, Mirabile shouts out to Williamson, “Hey old man I’m going to purge your deli just to get some candy.”  But that’s when Joseph Julian Soria, an employee of the deli, shoots her in the ear and goes, “Hey witch, how do you like the taste of that?”

Meanwhile, Mitchell is locked up safe in her house until the government tries to take her out with some white supremacist jackholes.  Thankfully her bodyguard Frank Grillo assesses the situation and is like, “The house is unsafe so let’s go outside where it is ten times worse.”

Of coarse once Grillo and Mitchell go outside they run into a group of foreigners dressed up in American costumes who say,   “We love the USA and now we’re going to kill you in a weird European way.”  Luckily this doesn’t happen because Williamson and Soria walk up to the crowd with their guns and turn the Euros into human versions of French, Italian and Swiss cheese.

Not five minutes later, the bad girls in lingerie show up once again with a whole new group of scantily clad crazies.  Next the two lead girls of the group start talking about they’re going to do this and that, but that’s when Betty Gabriel takes her van and goes, “The only thing you are going to get is a truck to the face.”

So now everyone hops into Gabriel’s van and she takes them to an underground medical clinic which also doubles as a planning center for killing the leaders of the purge.  Which is a huge conflict of interest.  Once they arrive, Mitchell thinks she is finally safe until she gets taken by those white supremacist d-holes.

the purge election year with frank grillo and Edwin Hodge. They are in a underground area. Edwin Hodge has a flashlight in his right hand. Edwin is pointing to Frank Grillo saying something. Grillo is listening. Written meme so here's the plan we kill everybody. Hodge is in a dark jacket. Grillo is in a white dirty shirt with navy overcoat

This leads to a final showdown between the New Founding Fathers and everybody with a conscious.  As you can imagine out of one hundred people in the fire fight, about only five survive.

ADD review:  This movie starts out a little slow but gradually builds up to “I’m gonna take you out with a truck.”  The best characters of the movie are the bad girls and the foreigners because they are taken out like chumps in shocking funny ways.

a gas guage like you would see on a car with a grey background and a red needle pointing to 1/4 full. written to the side of the gauge that says how full the theater was on opening day. Comic Popcorn guage

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