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Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Is The Funny Version Of That Justin Bieber Movie We All Hate

In Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer act like a bunch of boy band idiots.  Yeah, these guys channel a tiny bit of N Sync and way too much Bieber Fever.

But their boy band fun only lasts so long until one day Samberg goes,  “Looks like, I’m the only one with talent.  See ya suckers!”  And that’s when Akiva gets pissed off and goes off the grid to become a weed farmer.  This leaves Jorma in the cold until Samberg is like, “Ok I’ll let you be my DJ as long as you can learn how to push play on an iPod.”

With the new change in the line up, Samberg becomes a megastar which makes him think he’s better than God.  Which also makes him about half good as Kanye West.

andy samberg from popstar movie sitting in a chair with a dark shiny hoody on and neck chains. Written meme I may be more of a genius than kanye west

But now that Samberg has huge head, he releases an album that inspires people to say, “Wow that is real crap.”  Fortunately his manager Tim Meadows is there to completely mislead Samberg about reality.  Meadows is like, “Record sales are not good, but you know what is good?  Partnering with a company that can upload your music into every appliance in the USA.”  Of coarse this backfires when Samberg is responsible for taking out the whole US power grid.

So to help things out Meadows brings an opening act on the tour.  This instantly  makes the tour number one, the opening act number one and Samberg to reason to beat traffic home.  To get his mojo back Samberg incorporates quick change dressing tricks into his show.  This is impressive until one time the curtain drops leaving a naked tucked Samberg.

andy samberg from popstar movie. Andy is sitting at a table with a mac computer in front of him. He is gesturing with his hands and talking; written meme you know what sucks? getting into a quick change curtain and coming out completely naked

So to reset the media cycle Samberg proposes to his girlfriend.  But during his over the top proposal the wolves he has on hand suddenly attack the singer Seal.  Then, Samberg has to cancel the tour and the appliance company drops him.  His downward spiral continues until he’s like, “Maybe I should get back to singing with Jorma and Akiva because on my own I’m just a giant douchebag.”

The ADD Movie Review:  This movie has every comedy star known to man.  And it’s a fun take on a completely idiotic profession.  The best performance by far is Justin Timberlake as Samberg’s personal chef and personal food stalker.

Gas guage dark grey with light grey background. The needle is red pointing to the number 1/2. Written next the gas gauge is how full the theater was on opening day. Comic Popcorn Theater Gas Gauge
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