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The Steve Jobs Movie Shows Us Some Of The Best Stories About Jobs That Most Likely Never Happened

So they made another movie about Steve Jobs.  But this time they decided to make it not suck.  That’s right, they brought in heavyweight Michael Fassbender to play Steve.  Which makes you go, “That dude looks nothing like Jobs.”  But after five minutes you’re like, “Fassbender you must have an actor reality distortion field.  Because, now I totally buy it.”


The focus of the movie is the drama backstage before the launch of the Mac, the NeXT computer, and the iMac.  And Sorkin pushes the tension of each launch right up to point just before Jobs has to kill people off one by one.

And as a special treat Steve gets to belittle his head of marketing played by Kate Winslet, Steve Wozniak played by Seth Rogen, and John Sculley played by Harry from Dumb and Dumber.


But the one person who makes Steve change the most in the movie is his daughter.  We see Steve go from saying, “You’re not my daughter” to “I guess I kinda, sorta like you.”  Way to go father of the year.

But what is great about this movie is it tells us all of the backstory behind Jobs. The only problem is it’s all made up.  Even the real life Woz is like, “I never confronted Steve like that, but I did think about it a million times.”

The Straight Dope:  This movie is great.  It is all the drama we could hope for from a man who was larger than life.  But in reality the only drama probably was Steve saying, “If we have whole a computer company, why can’t we make the projector work?”


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