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The Intern Shows Us What It’s Like To Be The Most Valuable Employee Over 70 With A Salary Of Zero

The Intern movie lets us know retirement blows.  That’s right.  When you’re old and don’t have to work, the highlight of your day is going to be just waking up.  Closely followed by a pumpkin spice latte.


As you can imagine, this retirement thing doesn’t work for Robert De Niro. So he applies for an intern position at Anne Hathaways online clothing company.  And he gets it because he’s over 65 and is more qualified than a fortune 500 CEO.

But instantly we learn De Niro is really needed because Hathaway has the time management skills of a third grader.  For example, she tries to save time between meetings by riding a bike in the office.  Which makes you think not only does she suck at time management but she’s just really weird.


Fortunately De Niro is assigned to become her personal assistant.  And even though Hathaway fights it at first, she learns De Niro is who she needs to drive her place to place, take care of her kid, give her marriage advice and basically run her company.  And the best part is he shows up for free.

The Straight Dope: It’s nice to finally see a woman CEO for a change.  But this movie makes you wonder why does she have to be saved by some old dude in a suit? Didn’t Hathaway learn anything from The Devil Wears Prada?

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