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Maze Runner Scorch Trials Is One Of The Best Zombie Desert Running Movies Of This Season

Maze Runner Scorch Trials makes you feel like you really should hit the gym.  Because while they’re doing all this running, the only thing you’re doing is stuffing your face with popcorn and soda.

But in the new movie the Gladers are taken to a fortified outpost.  Which basically means now they’re trapped in an even smaller maze.  Here WCKD corp makes the maze runners fat and lazy so they can steal their zombie immunity fluid. Yeah, apparently in this world zombie kryptonite is a teenager who can figure out a maze.


But the Gladers are not down to become immunity fluid cows.  So they escape into The Scorch.  This is a stretch of desert with abandoned cities and the walking dead.  Sort of like modern day Bakersfield.

But because the Gladers are all teenagers the first place they stop is the mall.  The only problem is the Gladers run into undead shoppers who want to eat them.  And this is when you think, where’s Paul Blart when you need him?


Fortunately the Gladers do make it out of the mall and then head toward sanctuary with a group called The Right Hand.  Apparently The Right Hand can keep you away from The Scorch and The Flare.  Which all just sounds like the worst STD ever.

But once the Gladers find The Right Hand, a girl Glader decides she’s going to call WCKD and betray them all.  And everyone in the group is like, “Would have liked to know this character flaw at the beginning of the movie?”

The Straight Dope: All this running leads to a big fight with WCKD and The Right Hand.  And that’s when Thomas says, “I’m done running.  I’m going to take down the whole organization.”  And that’s when his friends say, “Yeah, you  may be immune to zombies but bullets will kill you.”


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2 thoughts on “Maze Runner Scorch Trials Is One Of The Best Zombie Desert Running Movies Of This Season

  1. When I heard on the radio it was going to be called Scorch Trails, all I could picture was skid marks in a pair of tighty-whiteys.

    You can’t unsee that.

    1. LOL. That is so funny

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