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The We Are Your Friends Movie Is The EDM Version Of “Get Off Your Butt And Do Something”

We Are Your Friends shows us how Zac Efron becomes a celebrity DJ with the street cred of Paris Hilton.


And he thinks all he needs is a killer track and a body like a greek god.  But as he quickly learns it’s hard to break into the industry. Especially when he likes to do things like hang out with his friends in an empty pool.  Which can be interpreted as Zac and his friends are stuck in a rut or they just can’t afford a skateboard.

Fortunately Zac has a job at a club DJ’ing for drinks.  And one magical night Wes Bentley the celebrity DJ comes in and says, “Wow, you kinda suck.  You really need my help.  I’ll show you everything I know, so you can become rich and famous and then bitter and old.”  And Zac is like, “Thanks, by the way you do know that beard makes you look like DJ Wolverine?”


But as Zac gets more EDM training, he starts to fall for Bentley’s girlfriend.  This time he figures, “I’ll win her over with whole DJ thing because using my good looks is too unfair.”

But after he finally gets with her, Bentley figures it out. And then to top it off Zac’s friend Squirrel dies at a party.  This is when Zac is like, “The only way to fix this is to become the Beethoven of beats.”  So he puts a beat to humming wires, wind chimes and a conversation with his buddy Squirrel.  At first it sounds good then after a couple of minutes it sounds like it was made by DJ Blue Man Group.


The Straight Dope:  This movie pushes all of us to question if we are really chasing our dreams.  And fortunately it wraps this after school message in a bunch EDM beats.


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