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The Gift Movie Is The Creepy Ride That Just Keeps On Giving

The Gift is a movie about what happens when you run into the high school weirdo.  You know the one who looks like he has an extensive collection of body parts.

When this chance meeting happens to Jason Bateman he’s like, “Hey…you.”  But the weird guy Gordo doesn’t get it and starts putting gifts on Bateman’s doorstep.  After about the third gift Bateman’s wife says,  “I invited the creepy guy in.  Mind if he stays for dinner?”  And Bateman is like, “Honey, you’re the worst judge of character ever!”


Fortunately the Bateman’s make it through dinner without becoming dead.  So Gordo returns the favor and invites them over to his house for dinner.  The only problem is its not Gordo’s house.  He broke into a house to be extra uber creepy.

At this point Bateman has had enough and tells Gordo stay away.  But his wife is so stressed that she dreams she is taking a shower and sees Gordo’s face in the shower door. When I saw this I was like, yeah I’m not taking a shower for a week.


But Bateman’s wife can’t take the stress so she decides to become Sherlock Homes.  After a little digging she finds out that Bateman was a high school bully.  And that he made up a story about how Gordo was gay.  This is when she thinks, maybe I’m married to the weirdo.

But this is the moment when the Gordo plan reveals itself.  Gordo makes Bateman loses his job, and then lets Bateman know he may or may not be the father of Batemans new son.  That’s just a whole new level of deranged.

The Straight Dope: This movie proves once again don’t be mean to a nerd.  Because you never know if one day you’ll be a key part of his company or just a key part in his human stew.


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