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In Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Tom Cruise Takes On The Whole World Of Terrorism

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation shows us it really hurts to be a spy.  Being a spy is like stepping into the ring with Ronda Rousey. You may get in, but you’re leaving with a vacation in the ER.

Regardless of the danger, Tom Cruise is back to take on another mission.  But he quickly learns when you blow up the Kremlin they take your job.  This is bad news for Cruise, but good news for a terrorist organization called the syndicate.  And the syndicate celebrates by blowing a bunch of stuff up.


Cruise does not like this so he decides to take the syndicate out.  He calls up his old buddy Simon Pegg and says, “How about working for free?”  But as they start to investigate Cruise falls for a hot spy named Rebecca Ferguson.  Sometimes she helps and sometimes she doesn’t which make you wonder is she a double agent or just a bitch.

This cat and mouse game goes to Morocco where Cruise has to free dive for three minutes to help steal a flash drive.  This scene makes you go, “I never thought I’d see someone drown in the middle of the desert.” But of coarse Ferguson steals the drive from Cruise and he has to chase her down on a motorcycle.  But Ferguson makes Cruise wreck and gives him a look like, you need to learn how to ride a bike.


For the final battle everyone ends up in jolly old England.  The head of the syndicate wants the drive to get access to money.  But Cruise throws him for a loop and says, “I memorized all of the account numbers.  How you like me now.  That’s how we do it in the good ole USA.”

The Straight Dope: This movie is action packed.  It’s got planes, bikes and diving.  And a hot British chick that makes you go, “Maybe England is that stuffy after all.”


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