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Mad Max Fury Road: Worst Road Trip Ever

So they finally made a new Mad Max movie.  Great just enough time passed that we all forgot what it was about.  I mean the last time this series was hot people were lining up to get a Walkman.


But in the new movie it looks like they stuck with the whole post-apocalyptic theme.  I guess the director said,  “Earth is still here.  Why don’t we make another movie.” But the real stars of the movie are the cars.  They’ve got spikes, guitar players, and enough explosives to blow up a city block.  And they make the rides super pimp in a completely dangerous way.  All I can think of is it’s nice to see Xzibit still get work.


In the movie there’s an evil warlord who controls all the women and water.  Charlize Theron does not like this so she says, “I’ll take those women.  Don’t get too attached.” Of coarse the warlord gets mad and goes after Charlize and Mad Max in a car chase that lasts half of the movie.  Eventually they stop but then Mad Max is like, “This desert sucks.  Let’s go back where we came from.”  Nice, you just wasted a an hour of my life. When Charlize and Mad Max make it back to the warlord’s city they release the water to the people.  I’m sure everyone appreciates this, but there must be someone going, “Don’t you have a Coke?  Or at least some Kool Aid?”


The Straight Dope: What’s great about this movie is they keep the dialog to a minimum.  It’s all about crazies and the cars.  I imagine the director looked at the script and went, “What’s up with all these words.  I think what we’re really going for is a movie that goes boom.”

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