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Unfriended Movie Proves You Can Make a Movie For What It Cost to Get Taco Bell

Unfriended is a movie about a ghost who attacks you from the computer.  How deviant do you have to be to get that virus.  At that point even Norton Antivirus is like, “You’re on your own idiot.”


But the funny thing is when I looked up Unfriended trailer on Google one of the suggestions was, “Is Unfriended based on a true story.”  And at that point I wondered is Google search based on complete morons.

But the movie starts out with five teens on a chat window.  And it pretty much stays there.  Because every time one of them tries to leave the chat the ghost is like, “You can’t do that because we have no budget.”


As you can imagine with five people on a chat window at a time even a giant movie screen looks like somebody threw up pop up windows.  At one point I was rooting for the ghost just so that the movie would be a little less ADD.

Throughout the movie when someone does something the ghost does not like they die.  Not a satisfying horror movie death, more like a low budget ketchup in your face death.

The straight dope: The only way you are going to find this movie scary is if you really hate a cluttered computer screen.

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