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Cinderella Movie Is An Old Take On An Old Story

So they decided to make Cinderella again.  I guess we didn’t learn enough the first fifty times it was released.

But I saw this movie as a public service for all guys.  This way you can spend two minutes reading about it, instead of two hours rolling your eyes and staring at popcorn.  You can also now avoid having to talk about the movie after it is over.  Because, nobody wants to hear your girlfriend complain how the step sisters are like Gina that witch at work.

Somehow Helena Bonham Carter got the role as the fairy godmother.  Yeah Disney that choice is really kind of weird.  Isn’t she the same person who took any role as long as it involved wearing black and looking scary?


Don’t worry, the movie has all the elements of the classic story.  They’ve got mice, a pumpkin carriage, and a whole bunch of women obsessed with a pair of shoes.  Hey fairy godmother glass is nice, but couldn’t you at least spring for a pair of Jimmy Choo’s?

What is great is that in this movie, the women really bring out the claws.  The moment they see the prince they’re like, “I’ll take him.  He looks like a fine product of inbreeding.”  But that’s how the movies work.  The movies make the prince hot.  But in the real world a prince that far down the line probably comes with his own hump.


Bottom line is if you’ve read the book, then you’ve seen the movie.  The only surprise in this movie is how Cinderella gets locked in the attic and comes out looking like she just stepped out of the salon.  Hey, that’s movie magic!


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