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Never Lose Focus Movie Takes Your Money And Keeps You Guessing

Never Lose Focus is a movie about con artists.  But once you drop all that money on a movie ticket, a soda, and a large popcorn, just realize you’re on the wrong side of the con. In the movie Will Smith is suave.  He looks like he can take your yacht with a smile.  Whereas his best friend in the movie looks like he can barely take out the trash.


But I have a feeling the friend is the type of con artist you would see in real life.  You know someone who looks like your uncle Murray from Queens. And Margot Robbie is smoking hot in almost every thing she wears.  But a real life girl con artist probably knows less about couture and more about where to get the best deal on mom jeans.


There are a couple of sex scenes in the movie.  You know where they start kissing and then all the sudden the scene cuts to Will and Margot wrapped in sheets.  I took one look at Margot and I was like, boo, thanks for nothing.  But then I took one look at Will Smith and I was like at least I didn’t have to see Big Willy style.


Movies like this are cool because you don’t know who’s conning who.  It isn’t until the end of the movie that you get to see all of your guesses are completely wrong.  Still it is interesting to see how the break down the con during the movie.  Everything fits together so neat.   It makes me envious because they leave with millions and I can’t even seem to be able to walk away with someone’s pen.


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