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Project Almanac Has Some Growing Up To Do


Everyone wants to travel through time.  Mainly to fix mistakes from when you’re young and idiotic. 

Project Almanac shows us what teens would do with time travel.  In case you are wondering, change the world for the better is not on the top of the list.  What is on the top?  Play with time so that the mean girl in school gets two cups of coke poured on her shirt.  Hey, this is a teen movie.

And remember, this is a Michael Bay film about time travel which means we get to see the same explosion five times in a row.


The funny thing about time travel is once you have money and power, your only goal should be to mess with family and friends.  This is where Project Almanac succeeds.  I just wish the movie did a better job with coming up with a reason why they are filming every second of the experience.

Like all time travel movies, Project Almanac likes to point out there are consequences.  Like if you travel in time to win millions of dollars in the lottery, then you just might open the door for Kim Kardashian to win an Oscar.  And that’s something no one can live with.

My major problem with the movie is they built a time machine that looks really lame.  Hollywood must think we want to see a whole bunch of metal and flashing lights.  When all we really want to see is a time machine made out of a hot tub.  That’s right.  You make a movie about a hot tub time machine then you know everyone is ending up rich in the end.  You make a movie about an almanac time machine then you know there’s going to be a whole bunch of teen drama.


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