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The Interview Takes On North Korea

The best thing about the Interview movie is that North Korea is afraid of two actors who love making movies about pot.  I mean how secure are you if the final nail in the coffin for your country comes from a comedy about honeydicking.

Apparently you can do anything with puppets.  But when it comes to a movie with real people the only way you get to see it is if you put on your favorite holiday bullet proof vest.


Comedy is great because it highlights all our insecurities.  It’s hard to know if Team America World Police was making more fun of Korea or America.  But at least we know who’s always number one (f’yeah!).

But that’s America rolls.  We make fun of anything as long as we get paid.  So I think Franco and Rogen are in good company.  Comedy is a path to change.  Comedy also happens to be excellent path to living in your mom’s basement.

The straight dope:  Why send over weapons or have cyber war when we can just give North Korea a movie from two dudes who dress up like Kim and Kanye on a bike.

Make comedy not war.

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