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Star Wars: A New Director

The new Star Wars preview is so exciting I think I need a sedative.

Or maybe I’m just comparing it to the prequels.  Which were a steaming load of Jabba the Hutt.  Yeah, the series let us down.  But if the teaser is any indication of things to come, at least the new movie’s going to be heavy on the action, and light on racially offensive puppets.

But in the new movie I do want to see certain things.  I want Boba Fett to be an outlaw, Han Solo to be a space pirate, and to see Lando drinking a cool can of Colt 45.

I already like that in the trailer even the bad guys are cool. The trailer voice over mentions negotiations. And the bad guy is like, “Listen, I think we’ll just give you a lightsaber to the junk.”

And that is the way you do it. First we learn there is an exciting new Star Wars movie. And then McDonald’s brings back the McRib. The only way this gets better is if they cross over with TaunTaun Tacos.

I love this preview so much, I even think the Lego version is awesome. And I got to say, if your Lego movie comes out before the real one, I’ll be the first person in line to see it in your mothers basement.

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