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57 Year Old Man Breaks Space Jump Record – Without Breaking His Legs

A 57 year old guy just broke the stratosphere jump record. He wanted to keep it low key. But every article wanted to mention he is old.

Nice job media. This guy jumps from 25 miles up in the air, and all you can ask is where’s his walker. Hey media, I think he is still a little too young to be sucking a steak through a straw.

It seems like this guy just wanted to see if he could do it. So instead of spending money on a space capsule like the Red Bull guy, he was probably was like, “Do you think I could just wrap my spacesuit in some duct tape.”

So his video is a little ghetto, especially compare it to the video produced by Red Bull. The red bull guys video is so intense, that whenever I see it I always feel like I’m going to vomit.

But when I watch the 57 year old guy’s video I’m like that was a disappointment. His video looks like it was edited by a five year old. If you are going to jump from space, you might want to save some money for a GoPro!

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