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How Green is your Olive Garden

So Olive Garden decided to offer seven weeks of unlimited pasta for one hundred dollars. Sounds like a good idea until it’s time to meet your new friend Jenny Craig.

The reason Olive Garden is offering the pasta pass is their sales are declining. They need to get people in the door. The only problem is once a person has a pasta pass, he may never leave. Unless he wants a Chipotle burrito.

I don’t even know if it is even possible to eat one hundred dollars of pasta. Maybe Olive Garden will be like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Why don’t you just turn our table into a bed.

People love this promotion so much that they are reselling it on eBay for three hundred dollars. Have you ever tried to buy three hundred dollars of pasta? You would probably have to talk to the grocery store manager and say, “Looks like I’m taking the whole isle. And I am going to need something large to cook this in. Do you have a pool.”


Olive Garden has to take out Chipotle to survive. So they are offering unlimited breadsticks and salad. When was the last time you went to a restaurant and said, “They are going to be so sorry they just gave me unlimited salad.” Maybe its just me and about a million other people, but I think I’ll go with the burrito bowl.

The straight dope: There are big changes in the casual dining space. Chipotle has decimated the completion with cheap good food. I like Olive Garden but they are just adding a promotion and not changing the game like Chipotle.

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