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The Colorado Green Rush

It must be really hard to be a Colorado resident. Because no matter how good the snow, there is always that one tool on the slope who says “Yeah, but how is the pot.”

Colorado went from being a state known for its natural beauty, to being known as a really good place to score some weed. Little dispensaries are popping up everywhere. In fact, in one month the state of Colorado made 24 million dollars off of pot. However, in the same exact month I’m pretty sure they gave out 48 million dollars in food stamps. Hey, apparently marijuana makes you hungry. And makes you spend all your money on sticky icky.

Everybody is jumping in on the game. There is a company that makes a vending machine for pot. This is a good idea until you pay one hundred dollars just to watch your pot get stuck in the machine. That is the only time you will see a pot head get mad.


Wall street investors don’t care. They sent this vending machine stock from 23 dollars to 93 dollars in 5 trading sessions. It was at this point all the guys who own the dispensaries were like, “I’m in the wrong business.”

Straight dope: There is a Green Rush going on in pot. Money is able to be made in every portion of the industry. Choose your investment wisely. Even if there is pot involved, you probably shouldn’t invest in a vending machine stock. The jury is still out about the social implications of legalization. The only real case study we have is the drug tolerance in the Netherlands.

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