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Heartbleed What?

Everyone is scared about that Heartbleed virus. This thing was created to steal all your internet passwords. And that is sort of a bastard thing to do. Especially because nobody had a clue it was running in the background for the past couple of years.

But now that we know what did we do about it? That’s right, nothing. The biggest security threat in years and the best repose IT guys got was yeah, Heartbleed can have anything it wants in my Yahoo. Besides, all Yahoo gives me is a whole bunch of spam.


Maybe we would be more motivated to change our passwords if IT didn’t make it look so easy. We all have that one IT guy in our company who knows way too much about computers. And he will fix pretty much anything for Funyuns and a Coke.

I did change my passwords because I like having money. I lose enough money to wall street bid/ask price. I don’t need Heartbleed to help me.

The straight dope: Change your passwords on the sites that matter. DJIA should still be moving on up. Just enjoy the ride.

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