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The January Effect

Now that January is over, everybody in the stock market can agree…that pretty much sucked.  Not just a little but a whole lot.  The scary thing is Wall Street believes if January is down, then there is more to come.  You may want a good year, but it’s not going to happen

The rule of Wall Street is to buy low and sell high.  Anybody not willing to sell now must not be able to hear the fat lady sing.  In fact, I believe she is getting a little hoarse  But if you are not a fan of ladies then you are probably not a fan of bears, bulls or turtles.  Your investment style probably matches more like an ostrich.


The straight dope:  We all know the market doesn’t listen to the calendar it listens to old white dudes.  I think those old white dudes are calling for a sell.  My program triggered DJIA sell at 16374 on 1/14/14.



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